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Orders generally ship within 48 hours, unless they are for a back-ordered or pre-ordered item. Back-orders and pre-orders will be noted on the checkout page. International shipping costs are calculated at checkout and are, unfortunately, probably very expensive (except for stickers which are very reasonable!) You will receive tracking information as soon as your order ships. In the case of first-class international mail (generally for stickers or zines), tracking numbers may not be available.


What is Pay It Fur-ward about?

Oh My Dollar! is on a mission to empower everyone to feel confident about their money, regardless of their income or life circumstances. One way we accomplish this is teaching financial literacy workshops with non-profit partners.  If you round up your purchase with the Pay It Fur-ward program, for each book you purchase, one will be donated to someone in need, and you'll get a handwritten thank you note from me. 

In 2018 and 2019, over 400 books and financial literacy education were donated through Pay It Fur-ward, primarily to low-income youth.

Many of these young folks are experiencing homelessness after their family of origin kicked them out or they aged out of the foster system. Getting approachable, non-judgement financial education (that's actually tailored for their needs -rather than talking about back-end ratios and short-sells) can really transform their lives (along with access to health care, education, safe housing, community, etc). 

These books cost less to get in folks' hands because I deliver in person, which cuts down shipping + transaction costs by $9 per book!

If you work with a group that serves low-income young adults, particularly GLBTQI+ folks, please let me know if you want to work together at no cost to your organization! 

Who runs this place?

Lillian Karabaic (also known as @anomalily) is the host of the syndicated weekly personal finance radio show and podcast Oh My Dollar! Her goal is to make personal finance accessible and adorable. She speaks in many places, infrequently makes youtube videos, and ships out all your orders with the help of our Chief Box Inspector.


Our Chief Box Inspector, Dora, "assists" with order packing. You can follow her on instagram at @indiewebcat

Dora hard at work

What do you have against dogs?

Literally nothing! I would love to do a dog version of the book and stickers. If you're a publisher who'd like to support that goal, talk to my lovely agent, Fiona Kenshole!