Ebook: A Cat's Guide to Money

Ebook: A Cat's Guide to Money

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The full ebook version containing all the worksheets, illustrations, story, and space to work on your money, without the need to store a book on your shelf! Contains everything you need to know to conquer your finances!

A Cat's Guide to Money will help you identify your personal values and priorities, craft a customized budget, pay off your debt, and achieve financial security. All in good humor and with tons of hands-on exercises and sweet kitty illustrations.

You’ll learn about:

  • The Cat Tower of Financial Well-Being
  • Achieving financial balance
  • Purrfecting your budget: Creating a system that actually works for you
  • Dealing with debt: Simple steps to smash your debt
  • Learning to love saving
  • Investing in your financial independence, a.k.a, how and why to save for retirement
  • Using credit: Your credit score, how to fix it if you need to, and common credit myths
  • Homemaking: Renting vs. buying, Preparing to buy your first home 
  • Identifying which kinds of insurance you actually need

You get digital copies of the book in PDF and EPUB versions.